How can I stop loss at open price next day which consider stop from close price at the current days

Hello my name is Chain,

I have the problem with Apply Stop. Apply Stop from Amibroker - ExitAtStop

ExitAtStop = 0 - means check stops using only trade price and exit at regular trade price(1)
(if you are trading on close it means that only close price will be checked for exits and exit will be done at close price)
ExitAtStop = 1 - check High-Low prices and exit intraday on price equal to stop level on the same bar when stop was triggered
ExitAtStop = 2 - check High-Low prices but exit NEXT BAR on regular trade price.

as shown above this is an simple Apply Stop of Amibroker. But I would like to consider stop loss price at current close price and stop the signal next day open.

ExitAtStop = 0 is consider Current day open price and close at current day open price.
ExitAtStop 1 and 2 consider Current Day High - Low Price and stop at the same day fron (1) and next day for (2)

So, If I wold like to consider Current day Close price and Exit next days for Open price, it seem to be impossible for Amibroker. Could you please help me or recommend me how to solve this plesae?

@onsyonsy If I understand you correctly, you want to Exit your trade on the next day's open if the Stop condition is hit on today's Close.

So you need a Sell order, and SetTradeDelays to tomorrow's (or next bar) open.

I assume you have another Sell condition as well as your Stop Loss, so perhaps something like this is worth a try.

Sell = SellCondition OR StopLossCondition;

And as mentioned you set your trade delays to next bar open (this will affect both exits, the SellCondition exit and the StopLoss exit).



Hi, thank you very much for your recommendation. I has never mention about this idea before. I think this idea
is worth enough to try and this idea may solve my problem. Thank you very much again for you helping. :smiley: