How can we count, how often a stock have big losses in the past?

How can we count, how often a stock have loss more than 25 Percent from the high of the last 1000 days?

My thoughts are inspired from: Counting number of times an indicator has triggered - #2 by portfoliobuilder

but it doesn't work for me at moment:

Filter =1;

HighestValue 		= Ref(HHV(High,1000),-1); 

Condition = HighestValue * 0.75 < C ;
CountConditions = Cum(Condition); 
FirstConditionBar = ValueWhen(CountConditions == 1 AND Condition, BarIndex());
AddColumn(FirstConditionBar, "FirstConditionBar", 1);

My goal ist to check out how stable a stock has moved in the past and show it in exploration. How is this possible?

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