How do avoid pre-open (rather than pre-market) showing in charts

I’m using AB to send automatic trades to IB. My data feed is from eSignal. I’m trading the ASX.

Shares on the ASX are first able to traded “on market” in stages (i.e. tickers starting with “A” are able to traded from at 10:00:00, those starting with “T” are able to be traded from 10:09:00 etc etc).

I’ve set my databases up to only show information from 10:00 – 16:00 (market times) – all this is working fine.

While I’m not getting pre-MARKET (ie pre 10:00:00am) data coming through (because data base settings are right (at least I think they are!) I am getting data coming through between MARKET open (10:00:00am) and when the stock is first able to be traded (e.g TLS is first able to be traded on market at 10:09am. However, I can see pre-open trades occurring on TLS between 10:00:00 and 10:00:09).

Given that I’m trading automatically, my algo is picking up these signals and reacting to them. I only want the algo to pick up the trades that are occurring on the stock when it “opens” for trading (e.g. TLS at 10:09:00).

Is there something in AB that addresses this?

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