How do I add more preset English line-strategies to Code Wizard?

I’m taking the multicharts preset strategies as an example, is there a library of prewritten Code Wizard strategies or conditions that I could add on to the existing ones (EMA, Wilders, Time) etc? The ones that come preinstalled with the software is very limited.


I don’t know whether Tomasz has any further development plans for Code Wizard…

But here are my two cents…

I do compare code wizard to “AmiBroker pre-school/elementary school”…
In elementary school you get taught the basics - getting familiar with writing, math etc (for the first time). In elementary school you have basic tools to help you make one baby step after another (using basic examples). So in code wizard you should compare design view with formula view every time but should avoid getting familiar with design view.

Why? The purpose of elementary school is getting you out of elementary school (but not to keep you in there forever. One and only one exception: you are Peter Pan indeed). IMO, adding one preset after another would do just that… making you getting used to Code Wizard (and keeping you in basic mode).

But life is evolution, adaption to new environments applying acquired knowledge, learning new things, standing on your own feet etc.

So once you are out of elementary school you do the next step…

The next step after Code Wizard is… AmiBroker Code editor with Code Snippets feature.

I compare code editor to “ALL after AmiBroker elementary school” so -> secondary school -> middle school/junior high school -> high school -> higher eduction: college/university …

If you are at higher level of (AmiBroker) education you do not go back to elementary school, do you. Except for the reason you have become a teacher there would be something wrong doing such move, right?

So what do I mean, once you have become familiar with the very basics via Code Wizard you should actually do the next step instead… getting familiar with code editor and snippets and #include / #include_once and stuff (and it doesn’t hurt acquiring a programming book).

(BTW, I have never ever used Code wizard. IMO, it’s for people who never ever touched a code editor before and never ever wrote some basic program in their whole life.)

Again, just my two cents on how I see purpose of code wizard.

(perhaps additional reason for not much further development of Code Wizard is that there is not much demand for that tool as most people seem to use code editor right away).

@crystalball - Additional rules can be added to AFL Code Wizard. If you have specific needs please elaborate what do you want/need and I will look into adding them.


I bought the full package and paid about 100 for the code wizard so I want to get some good use out of it, I’m pretty busy with work also so having a code wizard stocked with a lot of popular system strategies will help me reduce time spent writing code too.

@crystalball You can also load up with dozens of the most “popular” system strategies (coded into afl) by downloading them. Free strategies available all over the internet but you could start with the User Library, and the TASC codes.

And purchase a couple of Howard Bandy’s books which have dozens of strategies coded and explained as well.

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Hi Tomasz,

As a paying member of the code wizard, Id like the code wizard to at least have the same preset strategies if not more than some of the free backtester websites like (criteria builder tool)
or the preset features on multicharts

What I’m personally looking for:

  1. Ichimoku entry and exits
  2. ATR & pip based trailing stops
  3. Bollinger band, Keltner channel
  4. Enter if volume exceeds x
  5. Enter/exit on a particular timeframe chart (1, 5, 15 min etc)
  6. Enter if conditions are met on another timeframe. (ex. enter 10/30 SMA cross on 5 min, if 9/21 EMA crossed on 4hr timeframe)
  7. Enter/exit on Parabolic SAR flips

Thank you


The thing is... you are comparing apples with oranges.The software you have mentioned in first post does not even have a code wizard but just a code editor (as seen in the link). AmiBroker has a formula editor too. So you should compare to that one. Comparing apples with apples. And the closest that other software's code presets (as you named them) come to is AmiBroker's formula editor's code snippet window (where there is "Trading system" folder and "Stops" folder) or AmiBroker's Charts window's "Systems" folder. There in both ones you have basic example strategies (since you rather seem to be looking for copy&paste ready codes).

As I said and as I see it Code wizard rather is a tool to get you started with coding but not providing copy&paste ready codes. IMO it would circumvent the purpose of that tool (For example it would make more sense to just add Ichimoku, Keltner, multi time frame support, stops to "Items" list of Code wizard. ATR, Bollinger, SAR, SMA, EMA, Volume of your list are already there. Please see pictures below). But maybe I'm misunderstanding its purpose.



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I dont have most of the indicators listed in your code wizard, did you add that to the Items list of code wizard after you bought it? So if I added various “code snippets” from formulas to the items list it would appear in the preset “edit rule” section of the code wizard?

@crystalball - ALL those rules are present in DEFAULT installation of AFL Code Wizard. You don’t need to add anything.

Trouble is that apparently you don’t have slightest idea how to use the program and you should watch the instructional video first :

(Flash Player required to watch the video)


Hi TJ,

This is my first post in this forum. I really appriciate and thank you so much for the followings:

  1. The product that you have given us is an absolute JEM (Amibroker with AFL editor)
  2. Estabishing and maintaining this forum
  3. Your continuous effort in improving Amibroker versions
  4. Your fast and prompt after-sales service.

It seems that my computer does not support Flash Player to watch this video.
I have tried it in Windows 11 pro / pro workstation / pro education
So Could you tell me on how can I view it from other source/ the way out?


@Kumar, unfortunately, Flash is no longer supported by modern browsers.

If you would like to experiment a little I suggest looking at Ruffle.

Ruffle is an open-source Flash Player emulator written in Rust. Ruffle runs natively on all modern operating systems as a standalone application, and on all modern browsers through the use of WebAssembly.

I installed it as a Chrome extension, allowing me to view the above-referenced video.


Thank you so much. it worked for me.