How do i get myself verified as non-professional amibroker trader

Hi all,

I have been an amibroker user for almost a year and i have been trading in indian markets. recently,I approached IQfeed for US index future data and they told me to get myself verified as non-professional trader to get the discounted data subscription rates. Could you please help on how do i get myself verified as non-professional Trader.

Dhruv G

that sounds like Jose from iqfeed does not know what Amibroker is. Only your broker can confirm that you are non-professional.


This usually means your data provider needs you to sign a document from Dow Jones/Standard & Poor's affirming you are not a registered person with FINRA/SEC in the United States. In my experience the data provider has the document.

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I haven't yet started trading in US markets and i neither have account with any Broker. I wanted to do some paper trading on real time data based on custom indicators.
I was wondering if there is any other way to get myself verified as non-professional trader.

I ll check with them if they have any such documnet.

Sorry, maybe I am in error, but why non use IQFeed delayed data ? (they cost much less and you have not any professional-non professional problem). I used it, for backtesting only, also on AmiBroker.

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IQFeed told you nonsense. You should contact not us (AmiBroker - vendor of the software) but your BROKERAGE HOUSE (i.e. Interactive Brokers) that you are trading with. Or they should just provide you with questionnaire that asks some questions about your trading status. It is document solely needed for them because they have agreements with exchanges that require them to use different pricing for professionals vs non-pros.

We (AmiBroker) do NOT verify anyone as trader or not, we care about privacy and we don't collect personal data other than absolutely necessary to issue AmiBroker software license and invoice after purchase is made and that's all.


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