How do I get rid of ~~~EQUITY after backtest


After I did my first backtest, my exploration results for a particular date range have stopped showing symbols. It's showing ~~~EQUITY instead of that. However, if I choose "Recent bar", it starts showing symbols.

I want to do Exploration on a particular previous date range, and not just recent bar. How do I get rid of ~~~EQUITY so it starts showing symbols in Explore again? (It used to show before I used backtest)

You just don't. ~~~EQUITY is portfolio-level equity that must be kept so you can see portfolio equity chart. It is automatically marked as belonging to group 253 which is special (all equity symbols belong to it). You can skip any group in Exploration by either using Exclude tab in the Filter dialog, or from the code

Filter = ...your original code
Filter = Filter AND GroupID() != 253; // skip equity symbols

Note group 253 is automatically skipped in backtests and optimizations.