How do I import a file from the internet

to my AmiBroker program. I have purchased a few formulas and I am told I can download them directly into AmiBroker, but I do not see how. They reside on a paid site. I can download them to my computer but only to my downloaded files area. I can not open or save them.

Too few details provided.

If what you bought are AFL formulas, then they are just plain text files that you can open with notepad and/or copy-paste to AFL formula editor. If they are not AFL formulas, you need to ask person you bought this stuff from.

A word of caution - I am against black boxes or even gray boxes. Fundamental principle of trading is that you must know your stuff, i.e. you must understand the code you are using. Formulas should reflect your trading style, risk level acceptance, capital and dozens of other things that are highly personal. Using stuff written by someone else without understanding what is going on is not good idea to say at least.


These are .afl files. I am still learning (clearly) and I am trying to understand the concepts which I do best by working with the code and running the code. I am months away from live trading. Taking it slow.

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