How do I notify AB to GetStatus function

I change the status in my plugn dll , but it always wait to the status is connect again and then call GetStatus function

How do i do , notify AB to call GetStatus function to Update Plugin dll status

in the ADK document is :

Plugin status structure is returned by GetStatus function and provides both numeric and text status information. Text information is provided in long and short version. Short version is displayed in the plugin status area of AmiBroker status bar, long version is displayed in the tooltip. The highest nibble (4-bit part) of nStatus code represents type of status: 0 - OK, 1 - WARNING, 2 - MINOR ERROR, 3 - SEVERE ERROR that translate to color of status area: 0 - green, 1 - yellow, 2 - red, 3 - violet. See QuoteTracker plugin source for sample usage.

AND <<

GetPluginStatus() function is optional and used mostly by real-time plugins to provide visual feedback on current plugin status. It provides a way to display status information in the AmiBroker's status bar. For example implementation of GetPluginStatus() function please check QuoteTracker plugin source.

But in the QT sample code is

PLUGINAPI int GetStatus( struct PluginStatus *status )

So , I don't know which one is right

Help Me Pls


Thanks alot