How get Total Volume in watchlists?

I'm trying to get the total volume of the watchlist in interval weekly but it is not iterating because I do not use foreign statements any suggestion to get total volume of that watchlist

analysis window:: Capture

code script:: Capture2

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You can add directly to static variable with STATICVARADD AFL Function Reference - STATICVARADD

Then you need not use for loop and Status("stocknum") == 0. Just run the code normally over the watchlist(s)

Once the static variables are ready, you can use another AFL to use the data.

Ofcourse, if you do not refer to a Foreign ticker, you cannot expect volume from that ticker. You will just end up adding the first ticker ( stocknum = 0) volume to the variable for each iteration.

The answer is a simple as single line of code:

AddToComposite( Volume, "~~~TotalVolume", "X");

and run SCAN. If you need weekly, run scan in a weekly interval. You need to do that just once. From then on you will have "~~~TotalVolume" symbol that holds the total volume for symbols in watch list.

You can refer to it from any formula using Foreign("~~~TotalVolume", "C");
if you created composite using weekly data this would give you weekly without need to do any compression.

I strongly urge NOT TO use loops that use Status("stocknum"==0 and go thru symbols as in the code from original poster post. That is BAD. That is NOT the way how people should create composites.

Learn about composites here:

You can also use StaticVarAdd but do that as instructed in the manual, not the other way AFL Function Reference - STATICVARADD specifically DO NOT use loops.

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