How many Australian traders here?

Just curious as to how many ozzy’s are using this software?

I’m one :slight_smile:

Only TJ would know how many Australian users there are altogether.

Me too.

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Me too, love it, leaves the other software I have tried in the dust.

See this:

Hint: instead of thousands of "me too" you could setup a poll or just tell people to click "Like".

We have 2K+ users from Australia, but only a small fraction is on the forum.


I personally know dozens of Amibroker users across Australia, both through the ATAA and through private consulting work I’ve done. The ATAA in Melbourne even has a Quant Trader special interest group which meets regularly, and is mostly Amibroker users.

I can recommend joining the ATAA as a way to connect with other users locally.

Disclaimer: ATAA is not-for-profit and I receive no benefit in recommending them.


Hey Bodhi

Im a bit new here wondering how people set up brokering accounts ?? is it the standard comsec etrade sorta thing ?

The broker you choose would depend on what you’re planning to trade. Brokers like Commsec, ETrade etc. are generally targeted at share traders/investors whereas others like Interactive Brokers can be used for a variety of products.

If you’re planning to use Amibroker for real time trading then a broker like Interactive Brokers could be a good choice as there is a specific IB Amibroker data plugin.

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Thanks heaps Bodhi that really helps :slight_smile:

I’m a newby and in Australia.

@HelixTrader I have learnt a lot from you and hope to catch up with you at a future ATAA event in Melbourne. I missed the last one, it clashed with a draining but important owners corporation meeting.

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