How represent cum profit in a graph instead of equity curve


When I draw the equity curve of a system that has low exposure I find this.

equity curve

Is there a way to draw the same chart per trade/operation to make it more continuous?

I did a test in excel and I understand that it would be to have a ticker that only had the Cum. Profit but I don't know if it is possible.

Then this ticker should like more similiar to this graph
profit excel

Do you know if it can be done?

Hi Vegeta, an equity curve is a scatter plot of equity Vs time, so it is normal to have horizontal lines when the systems is out of the market.
If I understand correctly your needs, according to your Excel's screenshot, you would draw a kind of line plot of the cumulated profit. In this way you'll loose two informations : firstly the equity values when the trade are open and secondly the time (the cumulated profit value are only ordinarily sorted).
I guess that such a kind of chart can be plotted into the report using CBT, but this is quite an advanced level of coding AFL and could be tricky. Moreover it has almost no sense to build and plot a ticker as you shown on your Excel's screenshot due the inherent time dependency of the ticker object. Admitting you'll write the cumulated profit values respecting their close time (for example) how do you'll connect them when plotting? with horizontal lines? OR if you'll write each point following their numerical order, how do you match the price chart with the cum profit value?

If you need those cum profit chart in my opinion an idea could be to export the trade list as a CSV into a certain location then import it into an excel file and finally you plot the chart into excel. If you link the source of the excel data to that location the only effort to update the data is to click the Excel's "update all" button.

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