How to access a file in the hidden drag drop folder

i normally develop my program as a chart. The AFL program is normally stored in the drag and drop folder. When the program is ready i then move it into custom folder for later use.

For some strange reason when i open AB today i cannot find the program any longer. I know its stored in the drag drop folder but it is hidden.

How can I access files in the drag drop folder?

Appreciate your help. Thanks.

You can access it directly from Windows File Explorer
<Path to AmiBroker main folder>\Formulas\Drag-drop

Are you able to view this?

You can access it directly within AmiBroker.

Tools - Preferences - AFL and enable "Show hidden folders..."

And it will be visible in Charts window (after restarting AmiBroker)

If you mean to say that you can not find it in Drag&drop folder anymore then you apparently have closed a chart pane where it was applied to. So if the chart pane is closed then applied to AFL will be removed from drag&drop folder too in most cases.


Information provided solved my problem. Many thanks.