How to add contracts in a bracket order?

parentID = ibc.PlaceOrder("MSFT", "BUY", 1000, "LMT", 27, 0, "GTC", False ); 
ibc.PlaceOrder("MSFT", "SELL", 1000, "LMT", 28, 0, "GTC", False, 100, "", parentID ); 
ibc.PlaceOrder("MSFT", "SELL", 1000, "STP", 26, 26, "GTC", True, 100, "", parentID );

I need to add contracts to this bracket.

I have tried several ways but cannot get the profit and stop orders update in size.

Should I use ibc.ModifyOrder only on the parentID or do i need to update the three orders?


What exacly you want to do? What contract you want to add?