How to add delay between system's sell and next buy recommendation

In my rotational system (maxpositions=1), I am using 1 day delay for buy and sell. I place these trades overnight.

Problem is that this requires me to have funds in my account to cover for Buy trade, as my Sell trade has not yet liquidated. So at the moment, I place Sell trade overnight and manually 'Buy' new ticker after sell trade has liquidated, which gets me out of sync with my system and backetsted results.

I want to code the system such that backtester gives next trade is 1 day after previous trade is sold.
Tried to use 'Trade Delay' in backtester as Sell Delay =1 and Buy Delay =2. Doesn't work.

Need guidance on which function can accomplish this.

Use SetOption to set the Settlement Delay:

Thanks mradtke. That worked.

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