How to add FullName data into new ASX Symbols with AmiQuote


In earlier times I could generate a database for ASX symbols (stocks) by using AmiQuote function “Yahoo Historical”. After that I could attach FullName to the new symbols by running the function “Yahoo Fundamental Basic”. Yahoo have killed off “Yahoo Fundamental Basic” so I cannot get FullName that way. So I tried with fingers crossed to use “Yahoo Fundamental Extra” in hope that might populate FullName. But that does not work for ASX stocks.
Is there some other way to populate FullName using AmiQuote, or if that method does not avail, perhaps suggest some other method?


Further to question posted by @swerdna, I have a related question. Due to Yahoo stopping the fundamental basic service, some of the new symbols added in the database has no fullname.

If I have a text file containing the ticker and the fullname, I wonder if I can use AFL to read the text file and add the fullname back to the database. However I cannot figure out how to do it yet. Appreciate help from senior users. (It seems GetFnData function can only read fullname but not write to it)

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@etcjkam, if you have the CSV file, you should be able to do a File -> Import Wizard and select the file format necessary.

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Dear Snoopy,
Oh Yes. Thank you so much for answering such a trivial question.
By the way do you think AB will support the display of chinese characters?

@etcjkam, I would suspect that if your OS can handle it AB can. @Tomasz has done an amazing job with the programming of AB, and integrating it with windows, I would just give it a try.

Standard warning: Back up your data and formulas before trying.