How To - Auto Create afl formula backups when using AFL Editor

Does the AFL Editor have the ability to automatically create sequentially numbers backups of my custom formulas.
If not, can anyone recommend a utility that can automatically accomplish this?

Herman made One in member Amibroker Area.
Sorry i canot send the Code here But it is easy to modify it.

Extract specific lines of code from your program By Herman 2017-02-15

look this One

PanoS, Thanks for your response, but Herman’s program does not appear to perform backups automatically. To clarify, I want the AFL editor to automatically create a backup copy whenever I save my formula file.

did you visit the mebers area?
Spesial the second link?

Yes, Looks good. Thanks!

There are plenty of 3rd party freeware / open source tools for version control. Enter “version control” in google.

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Tomasz, Thanks! I found a program called FileJuggler that will automatically create a backup copy every time I save my .afl file. Perfect for me!

After fiddling with home-brew VCS and trying several other products I
returned to FileHamster
I had used many years ago. I find it the easiest to use. There is virtually
no setup or learning curve; it just simply works.

What I like most is that whenever it saves a revision it popsup a comment
window (it closes if you ignore it) that will show in your file-tree if you
browse your revisions. I have not noticed any system load.

Happy coding,