How to automate a batch file to run every 5 min

I have a simple exploration for testing automation.
I wanted a batch file to run every 5min which saves data in .csv

I am not getting an option to run it every 5min.

And another question is it possible to run multiple batch files at a time or may be with few seconds delay?

Any help Appreciated :slight_smile:

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@twin, check some ideas looking at this past thread.

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@beppe Thanks for your quick help however I dont get the part add 60 times separated by 1 minute..
In the Schedule Batch Task what exactly I got to select?

You need to create a batch and then use the "scheduler" (clicking the small clock icon) to define when and how frequently this batch will run.

In your case, you need to do it only 12 times (spaced every 5 minutes). Look carefully at the screenshot, and you'll see that it uses a different start time (spaced as needed) in addition to the "hourly" interval to repeat it.

But to me, the @abbruiser idea to run a simple exploration (with the auto-repeat set to 5 minutes) that invokes a batch via ShellExecute() seems a lot simpler and safer approach!

In any case, I'm not particularly qualified to comment on this topic since at present I do not use any AmiBroker batch functionality (I still rely on OLE and the Windows Task Scheduler for automated runs).

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Thank you for your time @beppe could you help with the OLE code from excel... I read that OLE function cant trigger a batch so was wondering.

As said I do not use the batches. The AmiBroker's OLE Automation Object Model via the AnalysisDoc object allows to load .apx projects:

...and perform multithreaded scans/explorations/backtests/optimizations in New Analysis window in an asynchronous way. Asynchronous means that Run() method only starts the process and returns immediately. To wait for completion, you must check IsBusy flag periodically (such as every second) in your own code.

For my needs, it is enough, but I'm sure that more complex scenarios will undoubtedly benefit from the flexibility and ease of use of the Batch window.

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Still learning ... thank you ... :slight_smile: