How to avoid accidental (manual) closing of Analysis window


Is there a way to avoid accidental closing of Analysis window by mistake, especially the one running live scan/exploration for Auto trading.

I have explored most of the settings/preferences, reviewed the documentation, searched the forum but couldn't find a solution. Maybe I have missed.
Would be great if there is a warning prompt, like it exists for indicator pane.
"Ask before closing indicator pane" in Preferences - Miscellaneous.

I'm on version 6.30.5.
For now I'm using floating Analysis window and moving it to a different monitor than my main monitor to avoid accidents/mistakes.


Try software such as NoClose to disable the close button. It's based on AutoHotKey, already mentioned in this forum. I'm not certain this one works in your context, anyway Google is your best friend when you know what to search for.
Good luck.

Hello Alligator,

I have explored some 3rd party tools already. NoClose seems to have some issues with 64 bit Apps, so dint want to attempt. Moreover I'm a bit cautious in using free tools. Thanks for your suggestion anyways.

I don’t know what the problem is. Even if you close Analysis window by accident, you just do New Analysis and it opens up exactly where it was, with previous setting and previous formula in place.

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