How to Backtest with customized N-volume Price bar


A quick question about how to backtesting on customized N-volume price bar. I setup chart to display bar not based on time interval but based on trading volume, e.g. 10000 shares per price bar. I can see the chart on the screen, no problem.

My question is how to do backtesting on this chart. In the backtesting configuration, in periodicity, I only see choice of time interval. I can't choose N-volume bar.

Can anyone help me on how to set the backtesting configuration? What code I need in AFL?




You do not need AFL to get N-volume bars.

  1. You need to set to "Tick" at File - Data base settings - Base time interval
  2. You need tick data in addition.


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Thank you Fxshrat. :smiley: