How to change AmiBroker's default address of "Open Database" command


I keep DBs on a different drive. This is the window which by default highlights DATA folder in AmiBroker.


Tried changing registry as shown below.

Still the "Open Database" command does not open the different folder set in registry. Is it because of different drive? Is there any way in which I could set the open db window to default open different address as per registry?

Thanks for your time.

@vtriv, you can directly set the default database path using the "Preferences" dialog ("Data" tab) as described in the user guide:



Is that the only way? By default, starting Amibroker, it opens my real-time db which is fed by a data-provider. And, the provider sets the DB in normal C: drive's Amibroker program folder. That's the pain point.

@vtriv I don't know if this can help or not in your configuration, but there is an option to use a command line to indicate to AmiBroker what database to load at startup. Please, see this previous post.

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The command line did work. But when i used "open database" it again goes to default C: --> Program Files (x86) --> Amibroker --> Data.

Note: I had changed location in "Data" tab of preference window before testing.

So, it did not work. @Tomasz, is there a way out?

Have you tried directly choosing from the most recent DB list.
Menu > File > Recent DBs

You can even Customise by dragging that menu item onto the top-level main menu.

I find this most convenient, as it appears you are not looking for a programmatic way to load DB.

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Yeah, i have the whole toolbar customized. Recent DBs is the only option left it seems.