How to change Amiquote default data file

I have created some data groups. I would like to set one of the groups as the default data file when I open Amiquote. I there a way to do this?


I don’t know if is possible to change the Default one Tomasz has to answer this.

Must be another way to make your own one thought the customize window.
But here I will saw you my way.

  1. Go to Amibroker menu – Tools – Customize – Tools
  2. And then Press the Button NEW (type something something MyGoup)
  3. Go to command press the button with the Dots to locate your xx.tls file
  4. And job done
  5. Now go back to main Menu – Tolls and choose from the drop menu the one that you just made « MyGoup»

For more information about customize

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This worked, thank you.