How to change language AFL editor (Windows 10 regional settings)

In my old PC I am using Amibroker version 6.20.1 and I can type/read my native language (Thai) in AFL by changing font from Consolas to Cordia New in Preference/Editor/Font Settings.

But in my new PC, I use same setting as above but when I type my language it shows "??????" and I cannot read it. I tried to install both of version 6.20.1 and 6.30.5 but nothing change. Can anyone please advise how to fix it.

Both PC using Windows 10 Pro.

Thank you in advance.

You have to do the following in Windows 10:

In Windows Control Panel, Navigate to Clock, Language and Region then choose Change location, then in the Administrative tab locate Language for non-Unicode programs click Change system locale and change to Thai (or whatever your preferred language is)




Solved!! Thank you very much.