How to change texts color in Backtest report?


I do coding in custom backtest (high-mid level) to get more custom result. I want them to display in multiple colors (not only back texts) so I tried many way but failed to do it.
For example, I want the minus value displaying in “Red color” and positive value displaying in “Green color”.

Is there anyway to do it?

Thank you for your help,

If you are using latest versions (6.0 or higher), you get colors automatically

But the meaning of colors is not "definable" because it is not as simple as green for positive values, red for negative values. It is rather green for "good", blue for "neutral", red for "bad'.
Colors come from interpretation of values. Not always > 0 is good enough. Some figures need to be say >1.0 or >2.0 (like CAR/MDD) to be "good".

For this reason custom metrics are not auto-colorized because AmiBroker does not know the meaning (semantic value) of metrics that you added.

Hello Tomasz,

Thank you for the answer,
but I mean this window.

As I wrote already this is not customizable.

Thank you, i understand now