How to change the color of moving average overlay on price chart?

How to change the color of a moving average overlay on a price chart ?

Also, how to specify separate colors for two or more moving averages which are overlaid on a price chart ?

I looked very extensively within the software, educational material, and internet search but could not find the method.

Kevin (nickname “Joe”)

Have you read the tutorial ?

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Thanks, awilson, for providing the exact page of the tutorial which has screenshots. When looking directly at the computer screen and trying to intuitively find the keystrokes for changing the color my eyes apparently had missed the drop down arrow when seeing the pararmeters box. I have read parts of the manual as needed beginning about a year or two ago and onward. I would greatly benefit from a printed book to quickly flip through to find various pages.

In my humble opinion you would gain much more by spending some time reading the entire tutorial carefully than by looking for answers to every obstacle that appears.

Another suggestion is after reading the tutorial, read the summary of all available functions

Thanks for the advice. The catch-22 has been my expectations for AmiBroker are minimal because of knowing exactly what features I need from software, but AmiBroker is so extensive with far more than necessary to be successful as an investor. Many investing styles are supported by AmiBroker. I have migrated to AmiBroker from another software which is very user-friendly and intuitive, a software where I developed my methods and investing approach. The monthly cost of using the software became a concern when realizing AmiBroker can be used with free data. Searching AmiBroker for specific answers to a few analytic needs seemed like a more efficient approach than deeply reading the extensive online manual or the briefer tutorial, especially since my investing style already is formed. I deeply appreciate your advice and that of AmiBroker’s Marcin, Tomasz, and everyone in the user group.