How to check condition of RSI for previous day..on Today


i use 5 min TF chart . I want to check if .. ON previous day ,at any point of time(during entire previous day), in 5 min TF rsi value has crossed the value of 80 . then today i want to initiate a sell .

i have gone through this thead -

quite similar query . but i am still confused . i want help on this . Thanks.

dn = DateNum();
newday = dn != Ref( dn, -1);

crss_RSI = Cross(RSI(), 80);
cs = SumSince(newday, crss_RSI);

prev_RSI_sig = ValueWhen(newday, Ref(cs, -1)) > 0;

Plot( RSI(), "RSI", colorDefault );
PlotShapes( crss_RSI * shapeUpArrow, colorGreen, 0, RSI(), 0 );
Plot( prev_RSI_sig, "prev day RSI sig > 80", colorRed, styleOwnScale );

Thanks a lot . @fxshrat . you solved my problem .
i often get confused refering previous days data( intraday .. like 5 min ,3 min etc)..when used to make conditions on current day..

please suggest me the method that i should use to make it visually obvious to me .. i.e plot or exploration that i can understand what happening on each step at the code . suggest me any link/reading so that i can get better clarity on this subject .
i am very beginner in afl ..thank you.

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I got your point . I will take care of it. Thanks @Tomasz .

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