How to check Missing data in DB?

Hi Tomasz & Expert seniors,

how to check missing data in Real-time( 1 min time stamp) Or EOD DB ?

Explain : i have db with 1 min time stamp of 2 year more i would like to check my data purity/missing data except Saturday/Sunday ,

1)so how to do it? via scan/explore ?

  1. if we get missing data of date,output maybe text file so that we can easily identify that missing data dates are holiday ..

same to EOD finding..

if it's possible,we can run it at-least a month once.

Happy trading.

(Note: already any utility /afl is there pls provide me..i searched but not found ..)

These questions are already there in the manual, you need to first go through the whole thing.

Tools > Database Purify

From here, you can scan for anomalies in the quotes.

Another method is to use "Pad and Align" with a Reference symbol. This is more advanced. You can read the rest

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Dear Travick,
Thanks for detailed information..
i will go through it and if i have any doubt i will ping here..

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