How to close Analysis window that was opened by batch?

When batch processor opens Analysis window, it stays open after batch is complete so you can see the results. You can close it manually of course.

The way to automatically close both Batch Window and its attached Analysis window is to run batch from Scheduler. Just remember to toggle “Close on completion” button in the Scheduler toolbar.

The other method is running ShellExecute("runbatch", "batchname"); from the other formula, mentioned by @HelixTrader below

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Flavio G

Hi Flavio
According to the 6.20 release notes, ShellExecute using runbatch can also close the tab after executing the batch.

AFL: ShellExecute supports “runbatch” command. After running batch batch and analysis windows that were opened by batch are automatically closed


Is it possible to use batch to open multiple analysis windows? Or can ShellExecute be used, or better to use OLE?

Yes, each instance of Load Project (with a different project in each) in the Batch will open a new analysis tab.

Moderator comment: No. Each batch window has ONE and only ONE analysis window controlled by the batch and all steps are executed in sequence. LoadProject loads the project as its name says. It does not create new Analysis windows except ONE and only ONE that is controlled by batch.

When i “load” the batch with different analysis, it still only opens one at a time. When i mark several analysis it also only opens one. When i try to open one at a time, only one analysis shows at a time. I can’t understand there is much to this that i can do wrong?

According to help: Once all batch steps are defined you can run the sequence by pressing Run (green arrow) button in the toolbar. All steps will be executed in the sequence, you will see subsequent items’ status changing to “In progress…”, then to “Completed” or “Failed”. If any steps ends up with “Failed” status, entire batch execution is stopped.

That does not happen. It says all steps are completed, but still only one analysis window is open (not the 3 I want).

This is how it is supposed to work and how it is designed. There is ONE analysis window controlled by ONE batch. If multiple LoadProject calls are used then they are loaded in sequence one after another, all using ONE analysis window that is attached to batch.

Thanks for answer, Tomasz.

So, in order to open for example 25 analysis windows (25 different strategies for automatic live scans), what is the best method?

You could run 25 windows but it won’t be faster, it will be slower. The best and fastest method is to use SINGLE window and put ALL 25 rules in single AFL file because larger and more complex AFL file means CPU cores can be made busier for longer time and this means larger percentage of time is run in parallel. See Amdahl’s Law’s_law

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While what seems to be right from SPEED angle, would it be possible to do it otherwise from the MULTI TASKING angle, so as to automate the number of steps through the batch process. Ideas to work around repeating tasks like MACROS in excel?