How to Connect 2 Amibroker on (LAN)


Lets say that, I have PC1 and PC2.

At PC1 I receive intraday data. And I would like to send data from Amibroker PC1 to Amibroker PC2.

Both of PCs are in the same local area network (LAN).

Which is the best way to connect and push data to the second PC and update Amibroker?

Is out there any plugin, or any other way to connect with port the Amibroker on PC2?

P.S. At this moment I export a data.txt file with the last 3 bars every minute from PC1, and with a java script automatic the PC2 is updated. So I am interest to find a different way than exporting ascii file and import with OLE

I am NOT using Interactive Broker
Thank you for any solution

First you need to check with your vendor if it allows distribution of RT quotes beyond (localhost).


I ask my vendor about it, but unfortunately they don’t provide RT quotes in local host.
Is any other easy way to achieve RT quotes beyond localhost

Any suggestion is well come
Thank you

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