How to connect Amibroker and SPTrader (SPSystem - Sharp Point System)

Hello guys,
does anybody know a good way to connect local Hong Kong software SPTrader (also known as SPSystem - Sharp Point System) and Amibroker.

By connecting I mean getting real-time quotes into Amibroker and sending Buy/Sell orders to SPTrader.

Sorry for my ignorance but as I understand Amibroker can read DDE data and SPTrader provides DDE data
Is it just a matter of enabling DDE and setting Database settings inside Amibroker or do I require custom written plugin for this to work?

I've also read that Excel can be used as a bridge between Amibroker and SPTrader. But was only able to get Excel accept data from SPTrader.

Can you please point me somewhere to read about this topic further?
Thank you very much =)

please PM me ( , I can share you plug-in and sample code to connect.
But i will still recommend to use IB

Thank you,
So far I've managed to wire them up through Excel...
Amibroker writes commands to txt file and Excel reads the file and then sends commands to the SPTrader.
Not a perfect solution, but seems working.
I've sent you an email! =)

May I ask what do you mean by using IB?
From what I understand it stands for Interactive Brokers. But I am not sure IB can be used with SPTrader ^^'

Thank you for your help.

Would you like to share the method to connect between Excel <> amibroker <> sptrader to me? Big thanks

Hey @Teaman drop me a message on Telegram (@KostiantynP).
It's not that straightforward to connect, let's see if I can help you out.
But just to clarify, the way I connected Amibroker and SPTrader through Excel is to make my AFL formula write Long\Short\Sell\Cover commands to a text file. While Excel reads that text file every second to see if there is any signal coming.
Then through "DDE program trade", SPTrader is accepting signals from Excel to execute actual trade.