How to convert AFL code (spread) to symbol?

So I have created an AFL which adds the open, high, low and close of 2 instruments. I have named it "SPREAD"

Now I want to compare (relative performance) of SPREAD and index of the market.
I am not able to do this because SPREAD instrument is not in my symbols list. It is just an AFL.

So How do I convert my AFl instrument (spread) to a new symbol so that I can find the correlation between it and the index ?
Please help

@knowperson, like most things in life, there are several ways you can do it...

One idea is to use the AddtoComposite function and create your Spread as a symbol.

Another idea is to just use the Foreign function for the index and do the calculations in the current AFL that you have.

The method you choose depends on what you want/need to do..

Good Luck with your homework...

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Thanks a lot snoopy for the reply.

Here is the AFL that I created.

symbol1 = ParamStr("instrument1","NIFTYWK11200CE");
symbol2 = ParamStr("instrument2","NIFTYWK11300CE");
symbol3 = ParamStr("instrument3","NIFTYWK11400CE");

open1 = Foreign(symbol1,"Open");
open2 = Foreign(symbol2,"Open");
Open3 = Foreign(symbol3,"Open");

high1 = Foreign(symbol1,"High");
high2 = Foreign(symbol2,"High");
High3 = Foreign(symbol3,"High");

low1 = Foreign(symbol1,"low");
low2 = Foreign(symbol2,"low");
Low3 = Foreign(symbol3,"low");

close1 = Foreign(symbol1,"close");
close2 = Foreign(symbol2,"close");
Close3 = Foreign(symbol3,"close");

open13 = open1+Open3;
high13 = high1+High3;
low113 = low1+Low3;
close13 = close1+Close3;
Close22 = Close2 * 2;
Closefinal = Close13-Close22;

I am not sure how to add the second intrument (Nifty - fut) in this code so that I can compare it with nifty fut.
Can u please help me out with this. I am going with the second method.


Your code shows 3 foreign symbols already, so just add a 4th foreign symbol - the index you want.

Then do whatever calculations you want.


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