How to Copy Snippets to Amibroker on A Different Computer

Hi, what files or folders I need to copy to transfer snippets between Amibrokers on different computers?


Please read the document

TECHNICAL INFO (advanced users only)
There are two files located in AmiBroker directory that hold snippets:


@Greyleaf, I've installed Amibroker onto a folder in Microsoft OneDrive. Now my laptop and desktop both have the same snippets, AFLs, watchlists etc. The only minor problem I had was with Norgate data. I had to keep the Norgate data on each respective C drive. If I put the Norgate data on the OneDrive, the updates stopped working.

Marcel, I haven't tried putting Norgate on OneDrive -- I think OneDrive
would be too slow to download 5+GB data anyhow. Norgate gives every
licence user 2 computers, similar to Amibroker. That's how I do it -- 2
installation of Norgate.

I think that in general, Tomasz doesn't recommend using OneDrive. I quote Tomasz's reply from this thread:


The very first thing I did after Windows 10 install, is to wipe out "OneDrive".

Here at Norgate we recommend that you do not store either your AmiBroker database or your Norgate database on any drive/folder that synchronizes with a cloud storage mechanism. We have seen various reports of database corruption due to the large files in use and file locking mechanisms used.

In addition, we also recommend you exclude such database folders from real-time virus/malware scanning. There are no executable files in these folders, so scanning them for such malware is a waste of computing resources. In our testing, this gives you approximately double the performance on the first-time run of a backtest.


@Greyleaf what I was saying was that it worked fine when I installed Amibroker on Onedrive, but not Norgate. When Norgate asks you where you want to install your database, choose the C drive, not the Onedrive directory. So basically, I have a common installation of Amibroker on Onedrive for both computers and Norgate is installed separately on the hard drive of each computer.

Yes, my experience with OneDrive totally agrees Tomasz assessment. For a
few of its products (e.g. OneDrive, Azure), it seems that Microsoft uses
so-called "3rd party integrator" to do customer support, esp. for small
businesses customers. It isn't a language issue -- every single of these
firms are US based. I haven't found any of them remotely competent.
Perversely, its consumer product support is quite good, e.g. Office 365 for
Home Users, and many of its free developer tools.

I agree with Tomasz, be prepared for problems when you use OneDrive. I wouldn't advise someone else to install Amibroker the way I did it.

For me it's very convenient to have my desktop and laptop working on the same AFLs, snippets and watchlists. Now when I travel, everything is the same, I don't have to worry that I'm missing an important file. This convenience is more important to me in my situation than the odd problem or quirk that I have from using Onedrive.

On a side note, I don't quite understand why operating system vendors (not only Microsoft), think it is good idea to bundle games, apps like Paint3D, "personal assistants" like Cortana/Siri, "clouds" and all that kind of stuff with the Operating System. The meaning of "OS" seems to be long forgotten. OS is is not "entertainment" system. OS is operating system. Its purpose is to manage CPU, memory, files, processes, provide hardware abstraction layer and networking. For consumer systems a graphical UI is also desired but that is pretty much it. All the other stuff should be available separately as "FunPack" option during setup for those who wish to have games, etc.


Hmm... Are you going to build Amibroker for Linux soon, Tomasz? :wink:

Unfortunately Linux is bloated too and with myriad of different versions it isn't exactly developer dream. For what it is worth back in '90 Amiga operating system that was the very first 32-bit pre-emptive multitasking consumer OS fitted in 1MB (megabyte) of ROM, including all GUI libraries. Really you don't need those gigabytes to have OS.

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Thanks for your analysis

I still miss the Amiga days! The most amazing software fit on a 1.44MB floppy!

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