How to create a watchlist?

I am beginning the book "Quantitative Trading Systems" and on page 72 I copied the Formula into my AmiBroker Software. On page 73 he runs the formula on a "Small Nine Issue Watchlist". I do not see how to create a watchlist in AmiBroker, and when I search the manual I do not find any specific instructions either. Can someone guide me so I can advance past page 74?

Thank you!

@Floridafan here are some video instructions. This is part of "Let's learn AmiBroker" series.

Moreover, before going any further I recommend studying the AmiBroker Tutorial.

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@beppe When you create a watchlist, do you have to "Save Database"? I haven't read that you need too, but two different times I have created a couple of databases and when I restart amibroker, It seems to revert back to the list without them, or the list is empty.

Watchlist save with the database. You can also set your default database under preferences or when creating the database to set as default on startup.