How to create an apx from an afl file?

Is there any way i can convert an afl file to apx. Since I am not able to call the afl as step in batch processing, I wish to call it as an afl & then use it as a step

Just press “Save”. APX is Analysis window project file that gets saved when you press “SAVE”.


Can I open a “new analysis” window as a step of the batch process & then run the exploration?

Really all those basic questions are answered already in the documentation:

Why don’t you just read that? Entire Tutorial section of the Users’ Guide is a must-read.

While I have gone through the same, I am unable to find Add new “analysis window”, as a step.
A second afl/apx is run in the same analysis window & I actually wish to have a second window through the batch process

The batch process opens all the projects in the same tab. That’s the way it is designed. It’s more efficient than using multiple tabs.

4 Exploration Windows

Attaching screenshot of 4 exploration windows, each giving output to seperate sheets in excel which are further linked to other sheets of excel

Would it be possible to do it otherwise from the MULTI TASKING angle, so as to automate the number of steps through the batch process. Ideas to work around repeating tasks like MACROS in excel?