How to create indicator on another indicator?

Nothing happens when one left click mouse and try to drag the indicator onto another.

Please advise

Thank You

@snehalsoni this is explained well in the documentation:

How to use drag-and-drop charting interface

From that doc:

How to create an indicator based on another indicator..
AmiBroker allows you also to easily create indicators based on values of another indicator. All you need to do is to press LEFT mouse button on the indicator name, drag (with mouse button held) the chosen indicator into the destination pane and release the button. As a result - the indicator will be placed in the existing chart pane. In the parameters dialog Price field parameters indicates what base values are used to calculate the indicator.

Alternatively you can choose Overlay option from context menu.

I have tried this and it is not working. Nothing happens when one left

Please advise

Drag and drop is not working.

Left clicking does not do anything.

Please advise


@snehalsoni if you followed the instructions in the above document and in particular in the linked video, and also tried to use the "overlay" menu item option and nothing works, unfortunately, I have no further suggestions for you.
Since this is basic functionality that works for anyone else here, I suspect something wrong with your system. Did you already try a full reinstall of the AmiBroker (better done with Administrator rights)?

In case this too will not solve the issue, to get any direct support from AmiBroker you should provide additional info about your system configuration (like the AmiBroker version you are using, the operating system version, any Anti-Virus you are using, nonstandard user rights policies in use, etc.).

In any case, let's see if any other user of the forum ever facede such an issue an how they solved it!


@snehalsoni, you may want to look at @beppe response in the following thread: How to apply indicator on custom series?

It might help you solve your problem. If not, then please provide more details and specifics. i.e. What indicator you want to apply to the base indicator. Then we might be able to give more specific instructions, or try it ourselves.