How to create my own datafeed to Amibroker?

Hi all,

I'm new to Amibroker, let me explain my scenario and possible case that I should do.

  • I have my own MySQL database on my PC while this database collect data in realtime from web-based source.

  • So I would like to make Amibroker got feed/pull data from MySQL like realtime datafeed

  • I tried with OBDC plugin and Amibroker can connect my database but I have to either manual refresh (F5) to re-query new data from MySQL or use auto re-query every 5 sec.

  • So now I have more than hundred thousands row in my database and when it refresh Amibroker will freeze several seconds and I'm afraid in the future it may crash when data up to millions.

Then I would like to ask for suggestion how can I make my own datafeed to feed to Amibroker, do I need to setup a separate server? or can pull as localhost? or at least it refresh without whole database.

Thank you

As I wrote in the other thread on the very same subject feeding RT data stream into mySQL database is not great idea because mySQL is just too slow for real-time quotes. In actual RT stream there can be 1000 ticks (insertions) per second per symbol. With 1300 symbols as you can have with say IQFeed it means 1.3 million insertions per second. SQL databases are just too slow.

Generally you have to keep things in RAM and access directly as binary, without all that SQL nonsense. If you are using SQL, everything goes through extremely costly text->binary, binary->text conversions.

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