How to define third candle of the day in 15 minute chart


How i define third candle of the day in 15 min chart,,third%20candel


Look for BarSince function in help, you will also need function Day() to find out when day change.

@sarathlal I am not an expert and I suspect there are better ways to define the 3rd bar of the day, but this code seems to function well.

Oops, I just noticed the hint from @awilson and so I came up with a second method that seems to identify the same bar (let's call it ThirdBarB for method B)

dn = Day();
bi = BarIndex();

newDay = dn != Ref( dn, -1 ); // first bar of new day
ThirdBar = ValueWhen( newday, bi ) == Ref( bi, -2 ); // 3rd bar of the day

ThirdBarB = BarsSince(newDay)==2; // 3rd bar of the day is 2 bars after the first bar of the day

The first method shows the white circle and the second method shows the green circle with the number 3

I have spared you (and the forum) my customary bloated Exploration for debugging.



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sir one more doubt how i plot third cndle high and low ..please help

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There is a readymade code already. Please read this.

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This is not working in scanning during trading hours

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this worked,

But the problem is BUY and SELL signal arrows showing on everycandle after 3rd candle, even after using = ExRem code...

Any solution for this?

@trading5848 I have no idea what Buy and Sell arrows are you talking about? I have not seen any code with trading signals on this forum thread.

If you have improperly coded a system how can anyone tell what you have done wrong without looking at the code?

@portfoliobuilder Hi.. how can we do the same for previous Day's 3rd candle Low ,High?

I have tried like this but not working

dn = DateNum(); // Select the day 
bi = BarIndex(); // Select the barindex
newDay = dn != Ref( dn, -1 ); // First bar of new day
PDN = Valuewhen(NewDay, Ref(DN,-1)); // Previous day's datenum // if today's datenum is 1220729 pdn is 1220728

bipdn = BarsSince(pdn)==3;  // Previous day's 3rd bar

pdn3h = ValueWhen(bipdn,H); // Previous day's 3rd candle high
pdn3L = ValueWhen(bipdn,L);

@PunitRaj I don't use intraday data much and that answer above is from a question more than 4 years ago. But maybe try something like this,

dn 			= Day();
newDay 		= dn != Ref( dn, -1 ); // first bar of new day
ThirdBar 	= BarsSince( newDay ) == 2; // 3rd bar of the day is 2 bars after the first bar of the day

// on the third bar of each day your variables update
ThirdBar_Hi	= ValueWhen( ThirdBar, High );
PrevBar3_Hi	= ValueWhen( ThirdBar, High, 2 ); // previous Day's 3rd bar high

I'd suggest running an Explore and a Plot to debug the code and make sure it is what you were looking for.


Thanks a lot @portfoliobuilder . It is the exact code which I wanted to implement.