How to define whether a parameter is empty due to lack of data

Hi Everyone,

I recently started implementing larger time frames in my coding and have come upon an issue of some stocks having not enough data for certain parameters.

An example is below

I was wondering how i could code the parameter to ignore when there is an empty space, rather than displaying a false signal. E.G there should be purple circles between 2006 to 2007 but since there is indicator is empty it is not placing those circles.

i was thinking of using an iff function but dont know how to define the empty area.

Cheers fellas.

You can use IsEmpty() function

But if your code is more complex there is another technic with BarCount

 Mycontition = CCI(14);
NotEmpty = iif( IsEmpty(Mycontition),1,0 ); 
Title = "NotEmpty "+NotEmpty;
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checkl out

Mycontition = CCI(14);
NotEmpty = Nz(Mycontition , 1); 
Title = "NotEmpty "+NotEmpty;

Cheers Fellas, work out perfectly appreciate it.