How to delete a sheet?

I'm sorry to ask as the answer is probably under my nose, but I can't see it. How do I delete a sheet?

@graphicinvestor there is no way to delete a sheet with a key combination or a mouse action as you probably expect...

Please, see the guide section Working with chart sheets and window layouts.

You can delete all the content of a sheet (useful if you want to reuse it later), and you can move (drag) the empty (or unwanted) sheet to the last position.

Then if you truly want to delete the empty sheet/s, as said in the guide, you can reduce the number of them in your configuration

The actual number of sheets is definable in Tools->Preferences->Charting "Number of chart sheets"


(the change will be applied at the next AmiBroker execution).

I never delete a sheet. I simply remove the chart/panes and reuse it later when testing new stuff.

Many thanks. I had guessed that might work, but I didn't want to find out the hard way.

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