How to: Designate Preferred Startup Layout

How can I designate the layout to be used when I start Amibroker?

Currently, after launching Amibroker, the “Default” local layout is opened. Afterwards, I can manually open my preferred startup layout.

If not currently possible, perhaps a future version of Amibroker could include a Miscellaneous Preference entitled “Startup Layout”

@SwingTradeMonkey I think you can change your default choice.


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@portfoliobuilder Unfortunately, the “Save as Default” merely makes a duplicate copy of my loaded layout and saves it under the name “Default”. Then the Default layout is loaded on the next Amibroker restart.

What I am seeking to accomplish is to be able to load a particularly named layout, e.g. Work-In-Process-Version-1. Additionally, I want the ability to choose from my set of global layouts.

Local Layouts are simply text files saved under the database folders.
As a workaround, if you are a bit familiar with the Windows/Dos batch commands you can create multiple shortcuts that will overwrite the last used layout with another layout and then launch the app.
(Seems a bit overkill to me since switching the active layout inside the app is so fast and easy!)

@Beppe Thank you. I agree that switching layouts is quick and easy. However, after a while my layouts and their names begin to look similar, so I am seeking an easy way, within Amibroker, to reload the layout of my choice upon Amibroker startup.

It was already explained to you in this thread by @portfoliobuilder: You need to save your preferred layout as DEFAULT LAYOUT. That is correct way and the only way.

Hi, Did you check if peferences-> aytosave-> layouts is OFF?


@SwingTradeMonkey You might also be interested in these two threads:

  1. In the first one @fxshrat explains in datails the differences between local and global layouts :
  1. In the second one @awilson shows, how you can define which database will be opened by default. In this way (if you really need to), you can create a few shortcuts (a couple of AB Icons) and each one can start AB and open a different database (with a different default layout):
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With the help of this thread, I was able to copy a global layout to a local data base. Good start. However, when I exit and restart AB, I am in the 'Default' layout, not in my named layout. So, if I forget to switch to my named layout (happens, I'm 78, btw), and modify 'Default', then exit, I have a job ahead of me fixing up my named layout. I've tried deleting 'Default', but it still keeps coming back to life. The only solution I can think of is to relearn AutoHotkey, and use it to automatically delete 'Default' every time I start AB. Other suggestions will be gratefully appreciated!

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Answer as already been given!

No you don't. Just simply use 'Auto Save' or manually save any Layout that you make changes to.