How to detect RSI raising after coming near to 40

I am trying to detect when RSI(14) bounces (raising after touching/near 40) as marked red in following picture:-

Rajesh, you need to define it more clearly in such a way that it is mathematically representable.
Near by definition is not.
Maybe something like +/-0.1% near 40 makes more sense.
Then raising is also vague, define it like a raise of say 5% or 10% etc.

Also, what is the window in which you want to detect it could help you, not necessary, but will help you relate with other things. Like such event in last X bars etc.


I am really interested in detecting that RSI(14) is in the range of (38 to 42) before 5-8 days and RSI(14) is is bouncing back/going to up side from last 5-7 days

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