How to display the bottom text

I want to display three lines of text at the bottom of the charts. If I use the automatic logarithmic scale mode, I can only display the upper text.

How do you calculate the minimum value of Y-aies?

Minimum of y-axis is

miny = Status( "axisminy" );

On the other hand lowest price value of chart is

vislow = LowestVisibleValue( L );

But as far as your case is concerned and AFAIU, you seem to want to compress the chart height(?) because in your picture the lower text is not fully visible...
If so then all you need to do is assigning some reasonable value to GraphXSpace variable.

GraphXSpace = 10;

You can compress chart height also by going to y-axis with your mouse cursor. Hold SHIFT-key and Left-mouse button and then still being on y-axis move the mouse downwards (instead of the mouse cursor you have to see up-down arrows when you move the mouse there). To get back default height just mouse double-click on y-axis.

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Thanks, I want to use graphXSpace to meet my needs

Place your mouse pointer in the right margin, click and drag, or CTRL+click and drag to resize.