How to download Amiquote fundamental data in excel

I have downloded fundamental stock data to amiquote from yahoo finance. I want to export this data to excel so that I can do analysis. Do anyone know who to export fundamental data from amiquote to excel in tabular format?
Each row need to have one stock data.


There is some information in the knowledge base that may be helpful .

And also from the help file,

  • get fundamental data

SYNTAX GetFnData( ‘‘field’’ )


Dear Anthony,

Your advise was of immense help. But it seems that there is some issue with GetFnData or I am doing something wrong.

The date figues are coming incorrect when I am using this as exploration.

Ticker Date/Time Close DividendPayDate ExDividendDate
A 04-08-2017 60.13 8.65535E+15 6.61466E+15
AA 04-08-2017 37.42 1.3414E+14 5.22268E+12

Seems GetFnData does nto support date format.
// Exploration
Filter = Status(“lastbarinrange”);

AddColumn(Close, “Close”);
AddColumn(GetFnData(“DividendPayDate”), “DividendPayDate”);
AddColumn(GetFnData(“ExDividendDate”), “ExDividendDate”);
AddColumn(GetFnData(“DelistingDate”) , “DelistingDate”);

Also is these any specific declaration to be done for the following as the compiler is expecting array though in the GetFnData, it is mentioned in help file that these can be used as strings also.

AddColumn(GetFnData(“Alias” , “Alias”);
AddColumn(GetFnData(“Address” , “Address”);
AddColumn(GetFnData(“Country” , “Country”);
AddColumn(GetFnData(“FullName” , “FullName”);


In the help file lookup FORMATDATETIME function.
formatDateTime - produces date time formated according to your system settings
AddColumn( DateTime(), “Date / Time”, formatDateTime );

Also, in the help file:
Adds a new text column to the exploration result list. The column shows text and has a caption of name.
Next two parameters allow to modify text and background color.
Width parameter allows to control pixel width of the column

// Exploration
Filter = Status("lastbarinrange");

AddColumn(Close, "Close");
AddColumn(GetFnData("DividendPayDate"), "DividendPayDate",formatdatetime);
AddColumn(GetFnData("ExDividendDate"), "ExDividendDate",formatdatetime);
AddColumn(GetFnData("DelistingDate") , "DelistingDate",formatdatetime);

//output of text 
AddtextColumn(GetFnData("Alias" ),"Alias");
AddtextColumn(GetFnData("Address") , "Address");
AddtextColumn(GetFnData("Country") , "Country");
AddtextColumn(GetFnData("FullName") , "FullName");


Thanks for lot for guidance…