How to download End-of-Day data from London Stock Exchange using AmiQuote

Downloading London Stock Exchange data from Yahoo using AmiQuote is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Download ticker list from here: London.tls (14.6 KB)

  2. Run AmiQuote and open the London.tls file

  3. Press Download (green arrow)


Doing so AmiQuote would download and import data automatically into currently running instance of AmiBroker (into current database)

FYI: The ticker list was created easily by first downloading symbol list in Excel format from exchange: , then copy-pasting from Excel to Notepad2, then adding suffix .L to each line and saving the file with .TLS extension (ticker list for AmiQuote).

Note that adding suffixes in Notepad2 is very easy using "Replace" tool:


The same procedure:

  1. Find exchange web site and symbol list on their web site
  2. Copy-paste to Notepad2
  3. Add required suffix for given exchange

can be done for any of supported Yahoo exchanges.