How to download End-of-Day data from NSE using AmiQuote

Does anybody has the ticker list for NSE (India) for all cash, futures and options market?

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The list of NSE companies can be downloaded from, see:

Now depending on data source that you are using you may need to add appropriate prefix/suffix. For example for Yahoo Historical you need .NS suffix for NSE

I added that and attached is Yahoo Finance ticker list for NSE:

NSE_Yahoo.tls (18.6 KB)


Since some users apparently don't know what to do - to get NSE EOD data from Yahoo is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Download ticker list from:
    NSE_Yahoo.tls (18.6 KB)

  2. Run AmiQuote and open the NSE_Yahoo.tls file

  3. Press Download (green arrow)



Also for faster downloads, set higher value for Tools-->Settings-->Number of Simultaneous downloads
The default number is less as i recall.

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