How to download EOD data from JSE (Jakarta)

We also receive questions how to get EOD quotes from JSE (Jakarta Stock Exchange).

It is easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Load Indonesia.tls (4.7 KB) JSE ticker list into AmiQuote
  2. Set From date and Yahoo Historical as a data source
  3. Press Start Download


Please note that this will be imported into currently open database in AmiBroker. So if you want to have JSE data in separate database, please first create it using File->New->Database menu in AmiBroker.

It is worth noting that Jakarta real-time data are available from either eSignal or Interactive Brokers. For list of supported data sources see:


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This evening I used AmiQuote 4.0 to download EOD data from Yahoo. Up to now it has worked perfectly. This time it goes through the motions and finds 1 bar of data per symbol, but it does not actually update the AB shares database. I then tried the same EOD import with AQ 4.1 - same result. AQ says its finding and importing the data but nothing happens on the AB side - no new data. Any suggestions?

Make sure you have "Automatic import" check box turned ON. Also double click on downloaded lines in AmiQuote to determine the content of downloaded file.

Hi Tomasz. Automatic import is checked and this is the data I get when I click on a line: $NAME ^J200.JO

Date,Open,High,Low,Close,Adj Close,Volume


Still no update of the share prices though.

Solved - I rebooted and now it updates perfectly. Sorry for not doing this earlier.

Apparently another instance was running in the background first (OLE always uses first running instance). In the future when such thing happens you can open Windows Task Manager and kill background-running instance.

Thanks for that tip. I had been working with AB over a few days and kept hibernating so as not to have to start over. Must have opened more than one copy of AB at some stage without noticing.

Hi Thomasz, any posibility to get fundamental data for JSE or BEI or IDX?

Fundamental data are supplied by Yahoo, if they exist on Yahoo for particular symbol, then they can be downloaded, if not - no. You should check yourself on symbol by symbol basis