How to download Intraday quotes from NSE

We receive lots of questions how to download intraday quotes from NSE or even claims that it is "not possible", so I made short video that shows this really simple thing. This is really as easy as A-B-C or 1-2-3.

  1. Select Google Intraday
  2. Enter NSE symbol such as NSE:NTPC (yes you need to prefix NSE symbols with NSE:
  3. Click download



Thank you @Tomasz for this

thanks but, when I tested, AQ is not able to get NSE quotes from Google for stocks that have “&” in name, such as M&M.
how to do that ?

& is forbidden character in URLs. You can’t use it. You have to do URL encode NSE:M%26M

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Thanks @Tomasz.:+1: , will check.

Thanks for this, can we download data for NSE Futures and options?

Hi Kashy,

You would not get NSE futures and options as it is not available on Google finance. You need to subscribe to data feed vendors like GFDL, True data Or have some hacks such as getting data from NEST to amibroker.

I would suggest GFDL+their amibroker specific data plugin (datapro).

Good luck!

Supported data sources are listed in official documentation only

eSignal and Interactive Brokers provide real-time data for NSE