How to download US stocks from Stooq

Hi Tomasz,

Is there a list of all US stocks etc that we can populate / create a new database and use Stooq to update?


@Anthony something similar was covered in previous threads; start from here and explore the additional links.

Stooq requires a .US suffix after each USA listed symbol.

If you use the AmiBroker symbol list tool, before using AmiQuote, you must add to each symbol a .US suffix using some code similar to the one explained in this KB article.

Otherwise, when you have downloaded your lists in text files you'll need to edit them with a text editor - ideally with macro recording functionality or directly in Excel if you got the list in .csv format - to add to each symbol the .US suffix (and, if required, to remove any extra data: you need only one ticker per line).

Then save the file with all the symbols as a .tls file, create a new empty EOD data in AmiBroker, and finally load and run the list in AmiQuote with auto-import enabled to create the tickers directly and, at the same time, import the downloaded data in the new database.

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Thank you @beppe, I figured to download the csv files from for the exchanges and edit them in excel.

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For US stocks there is automatic way to get quotes, not from Stooq, but from Yahoo. Yahoo is faster than Stooq.
Tools->Update US symbol list and categories (this updates symbol lists with all US symbols)
and then
Tools->Auto update quotes (this updates quotes)

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Thanks Tomasz, I am trying alternate sources. Stooq has daily limit as to number of requests so unable to download entire database. I have signed up with Tiingo. I will give them a try.

What about Futures ? any sources ?