How to download Warsaw Stock Exchange quotes (GPW)

Continuing the discussion from From 1 April 2018, Stooq Metastock/Ascii databases will not be available anymore:

Here is an example how to download Polish stocks using AmiQuote. Three steps: select "Stooq" as data source, add symbols you want and press download.


Note 1: Polish stocks do not require any prefixes/suffixes using Stooq as data source. US symbols require .US suffix.
Note 2: Stooq has limits on number of downloads per day

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Hi, It seems there is some problem today with downloading data via stooq like on screeen. I don't know if in past week was this same issue but will check also tomorow.AmiQuote_data_stooq apparently has changed their configuration and AQ would probably need update. Will check.

UPDATE: Program change is necessary. Next version will address that.


When can we expect new version with this feature?

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For sure this week, but whenever it will be tomorrow or some other day, I can't tell yet.

UPDATE: Version 3.33 will be released today (April 10).


On download page
is available 3.31 version of AmiQuote instead of 3.33

Yes, it has been corrected, but 3.33 was announced 3 days ago here: AmiQuote 3.33 is released now and and the links were correct there all the time.
Always use DevLog to find about new releases. DevLog is primary source of release information.

Important: Keep in mind that site has a limit of 100 symbols per day. This is imposed by the web site, not AmiQuote.

A brand new, dedicated downloader for Warsaw Stock Exchange (EOD) is in the works (actually it is almost complete). It will be available free of charge for customers holding valid AmiQuote license or AmiBroker Ultimate Pack license.
It does not require site and delivers data for all symbols at once.

Should be released within days.


The program downloads data for ALL symbols from Warsaw Stock Exchange at once and updates currently opened database in AmiBroker.


Make sure that you open CORRECT database (that you wish to update) prior to starting download.

This program does not require any special installation (can be directly run from any writable folder). It will create temporary folder "TempData" for data downloads under current working directory. Downloaded files are deleted after import.

The program requires AmiQuote license to work. It detects if AmiQuote is installed and licensed. If it can't find it, it won't work.

It is 32-bit program which means that:

  • it import into 32-bit version of AmiBroker if it is the only one installed
  • it import into 64-bit version of AmiBroker if it is the only one installed
  • it import ONLY into 32-bit version if BOTH 32-bit and 64-bit versions of AmiBroker are installed.

This is due to the way how OLE works (see:

NOTE: Make sure you choose correct (preferably empty) database because program will import data to the database that is open in AmiBroker.

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I have downloaded Amibossa1000.exe and have tried to get data since 2012 (until now).

However, the data for the period from 01 Jan (or: 02 Jan) till 30 Jun 2019 have not been uploaded. I have re-tried several times - also trying to upload only 2019.

Screenshot attached - could you please help?

Best regards



To view all data, you need to Zoom OUT the chart. View->Zoom->All menu.

I'm sure there are reasons of course, but just curious, what is the reason this can't be accessed as a User defined data source in the new AQ?


Because these files are aggregated and placed inside (nested) zip files

Zoom Out does not help - 6 months data (01.01.2019-30.06.2019) is missing (see screenshot).grafik

Change to Current Year and re-download:


Hello once again, I have re-tried using both options:

  1. Current year
  2. From year - and selecting 2019

Unfortunately, that does not work. For periods: 1/2019 till 6/2019 the error log is as follows:

Unzipped 0 files.

For periods: 7/2019 and 8/2019 the messages are successfull.

The same problem occur with 2 other people who use Amibroker.

Could you please help?

The problem is with BOSSA server. They don't have monthly files for 2019 (except plus they have renamed the file into, see:

This means that requested files are not there and you can't download.

Either BOSSA will fix their server content or AmiBossa would need to get modified to workaround missing files.