How to eliminate signal

I have a problem
first of all
green color shows buy zone on the chart
red color shows short zone

thre is zone between buy and short zone (grey color)
no execution

there is 2 exit condition
after exit condition count 12 bars
my problem is to take a signal like number 3 on picture
i want to use signal that appears after 12 bars (not inside grey zone)
How i can elimine this signal (because of it is in grey zone)
sorry for my poor English

function PercentR( periods )
 return -100 * ( HHV( H, periods ) - C )/( HHV( H, periods ) - LLV( L, periods ) ); 
WR=PercentR( Param("Periods", 64, 2, 100 ));

vt = (WR ==-0.00);
zt = (WR ==-100);

WRB = Valuewhen( (WR>=-0.00), c,1);
WRS = Valuewhen( (WR<=-100), c,1);
B = IIf((BarsSince( WRB AND WR>=-0.00))  >12 ,1,0);????

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