How To - Escaping Double Quotations & Other Characterss

I discovered Amibroker requires escaping special characters such as the double quotation mark. What other characters require escape sequences? Is there a documented list of characters that require the escape code that you can point us to?

Take a look at this thread:


Milosz, Thank you. Your link Escaping a double Quotes in ShellExecute explains how to escape the double quotation marks and percent signs.
And the Wikipedia link you provide does show other general information for escape characters in other languages.

So does Amibroker follow the Javascript examples? Or are the escape sequences limited to those shown in the error message (just discovered the error message tooltip today!).

While on this subject, is there a method for escaping numeric values so that they translate into ascii characters (the reverse of what the Amibroker ASC() function performs?

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@SwingTradeMonkey, AFL is very similar to Javascript, so it might be true, but I’d rather not advice you on that. I have no enough experience in that field :wink:


What AmiBroker tells you is what you should use. If error message says that supported sequences are \n, \r, \t, \" and \\ then this is it. Nothing else is supported. Trust the error message not wikipedia.